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Alcatraz: Life on the Rock showcases Alcatraz Island’s fascinating history and infamous inmates. The traveling exhibition includes authentic artifacts and interactive displays that present surprising stories and a behind-the-scenes look at chambers not normally open to visitors.

Sit at the visitation booth, and listen to tales told by convicts and guards. Peek through a replica of the tunnel escapees dug to break out of Alcatraz. View historic footage and hear accounts of Alcatraz residents, rangers, prisoners and guards. From walk-through cell doors to life-sized murals and models, an immersive experience awaits.

View the Interactive Showcase: Alcatraz Life on the Rock

Did You Know?
Did You Know

Since the 1800s, Alcatraz Island has housed a Civil War fort, lighthouse, military prison and federal penitentiary

The Alcatraz light tower has operated continuously for more than 155 years, except during the island’s Native American occupation.