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Components: 11 free-standing themed sections, including 4 main exhibits. Graphic panels, murals, stand-alone models, memorabilia (display cases included) and audiovisual displays (screens and equipment included).

Required Space: At least 2,800 square feet, with a 12- to 14-foot ceiling height. Flexible configurations fit a variety of venue layouts.

Shipping Weight: 17,000 pounds

Setup, Packing and Portability: Light, durable materials allow for easy set up, take down and packing at each exhibit venue. The snap-lock flooring system separates into individual panels, and displays have modular walls for simple assembly. Wooden crates that meet standard shipping guidelines make storage and transport convenient.

Participation Fee: Rental fee negotiated and based on booking period duration.

Availability: Contact Denise Rasmussen ( or 415-438-8320 ext.2337) for available dates.